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Funding for services provided by Hope Horizon LLC comes from several licensed programs including, Home and Community Support Services (HCS), Texas Home Living (TXhml), Community Living Assistance and Support Services (CLASS), Medically Dependant Children’s Program (MDCP), Primary Home Care (PHC), Family Care (FC), and Community Attendant Services (CAS). For information about how to qualify for these programs, contact DADS.

Personal Assistant Services
Personal Assistant Services are intended to assist the individual with bathing, dressing, grooming, feeding, exercising, toileting, positioning, assistance with self administered medications, routine hair and skin care, and transfer or ambulation. Many times all an individual needs is a helping hand and a supportive voice to assist them with their everyday needs. Hope Horizon’s well-trained, caring staff will be there to provide that helping hand.

Respite Services
Make a difference in your life and the lives of your loved ones by providing additional help when you need it. The staff members at Hope Horizon realize that the friends and families of those with IDD care deeply for these individuals and do all they can to see to their needs. However, we also understand that providing constant contact and care to these people with IDD can be quite taxing for even the most patient and loving families. Our well-trained, caring staff provides respite care for those individuals who are intellectually and developmentally disabled, and for seniors.

Supportive Employment
Vocational Assessment training is provided by our sister company Ventures of Hope. Individuals receive training and assessment on setting goals, dressing and grooming for the work environment, daily living skills, and basic living skills. Consumers will gain knowledge on resume development, how to write cover letters and successful interview skills. Individuals interested in this program need to contact their local DARS office for eligibility. 

Supported Employment (SE): a service that assists an individual to maintain competitive, integrated employment.

This could include providing:
•  direct support to an individual at their business (e.g., training on new job skills or routines to improve work performance, medication management,
attendant care);
•  identifying and obtaining the help of natural supports on and off the worksite;
•  setting up compensatory (i.e., self-help) strategies;
•  transportation (e.g., from their production location to their sales location); and money management, except in GR services (e.g., helping to report earnings to the Social Security Administration (SSA), referring the individual to their Medicaid Eligibility worker).